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As part of our policy of complete disclosure, the following should be most of the information you will need to make an informed decision on whether you wish to rent a suit from us. It is not intended to be scary or dogmatic but normal and useful information. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us. It would be impossible to run a business like ours continuously for 45+ years if we had not provided a good product, good service and quality at a reasonable cost.


Try emailing all pertinent information to Chris Sacks, Eilish Sacks or Brick Price at the address at the top of each page...  Eilish is a Gaelic/ Irish name pronounced "Aye-Lish".  It is the quickest and most reliable means. Please include dates, type of suit, quantity, location, etc. so that we can best serve your needs.  We do not have a dedicated receptionist and we are often either busy working or on location.  NOTE: WonderWorks has adopted a 4 ten hour day schedule with Friday being a normally closed day.  However, there is usually someone at the front desk from 8 - 5 Mon. - Fri. Someone is usually at the facility from 7am to 6pm if there is an emergency.  The answering service can “punch you through” at any time to someone who can help you.  However, paperwork to speed things along can best be handled via E-mail on off-hours or Saturday through Monday when phone service is not immediate. You should never have to wait more than 4-5 hours for a response unless it is a holiday.


Unlike other suits, that have been available over the years, ours no longer require an expensive technician on set, nor a cooling system to wear underneath, as they have been redesigned from the ground up for ease of use.  Nor do they require special rigging to handle the weight of the suit.  A “real” spacesuit can weigh more than 100 pounds. Our suit’s simplified design is such that it can be fitted in less than 3 minutes, without instruction, although photos and written instructions are included with the package as required.  See video by clicking here.


Our Apollo A7L white EVA suit is configured specifically for commercials/ film or walk around use and is by far our most popular rental piece. This suit is very comfortable and photographs well, if lit properly, as you can see on our web site. The suit is light weight and comfortable at approximately 25-30 pounds and is often worn by company CEOs for presentations or for parties as well as media events. We also have more than 100 other suits including the "modern, for”m fitting LEO suit, Space Shuttle EMU/ EVA/ IVA, Space Shuttle LOL/ ACES, Mercury, Fantasy, Apollo 11-13-18, Russian Partial Pressure suit , Hazmat, 50's Moderne, Retro, Steam Punk, etc. See all of our rental suits by CLICKING HERE. We now have a low budget suit available for education, parties, events, etc. ClickHere for more info.


The rental fee quoted is for a minimum of one week. We do allow a day leeway for shipping if there are no other rentals scheduled immediately following yours.  Unlike other suits, ours do NOT require an expensive technician on set, nor a cooling system to wear underneath, as they have been designed from the ground up for ease of use. Nor do they require special rigging to handle the weight of the suit (A “real” suit can weigh more than 100 pounds). Our suit’s simplified design is such that it can be fitted in less than 3 minutes, without instruction, although photos and written instructions are included with the package and will be added to this site soon. See the video by clicking here.

Part of the need for a minimum of a week rather than by the day is that WonderWorks adheres to the requirement of having our suits sanitized between every use which is a time-consuming and costly procedure. After every use, the suits are cleaned and treated for bacteria. After a few uses, the suits are completely disassembled and professionally dry-cleaned by a company whose specialty is costumes. You needn’t worry about the health and safety of your actors or unpleasant odors.  This is especially critical since Covid and other diseases have surfaced in recent years


What patches do you need?  NASA has a strict policy against the use of the NASA logo in commercials unless they are for the public good. The American flag and generic shuttle delta patches we provide should be fine.  To be certain, contact NASA directly for approval as we cannot speak on their behalf. For film use, you will need script approval from NASA which can take a while.  Under no circumstances will we allow the suits to be used for pornography or anything that might tarnish the image NASA or the astronauts. This is strictly a WonderWorks decision and not imposed upon us by NASA. WonderWorks cannot be responsible to changes in NASA policy. We can create custom patches on request.   Shown here are patches made by WonderWorks and similar in style to NASA patches but are of our design. You are free to use these as far as we are concerned, but it would still be prudent to check with NASA and your attorneys for commercial or public use.


The largest person we've had in our standard suit is 6' 1" and the shortest 5'5". The caveat here is that people vary a lot in size. I have the upper torso of a six foot man but I have short legs and stand only 5'8". A thinner person will work better if tall and a heavier person if short. it's easier to make a person of average height (5’7" – 5’11”) look right.


We can “pencil in” rental dates and notify you if there is a potential conflict and give you the first opportunity at renting the suits or set pieces. A firm hold will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental fee with the balance due prior to shipping.


A security deposit is required on each suit other than our Low Budget suit. This will be returned immediately upon safe return of the suit(s) in good condition. Damage will be repaired at the shop rate per hour plus materials. Return of refund will be delayed until repairs are complete. These items rent frequently, therefore, if they are not returned within 5 working days of their due date we will apply the deposit to their replacement value and/or lost revenue. After 5 days, we will assume the suit to be lost or stolen and place a claim against the insurance carrier and retain the full amount of the deposit.


All of our suits are created to look real. Towards this end, they appear somewhat "lived in" as do real suits. Our new suits are pre-cleaned several times and "Weathered" to look real. This is normal and good news for production. If the suits come back lightly soiled, there is no additional charge. See attached photos of how dirty real suits are. If they are badly soiled, a cleaning fee will be charged. Any damage beyond normal cleaning will be repaired at our shop rate per hour and deducted from the security deposit.


Our Film Grade A7L Lunar suit comes complete with gloves, boots, Gold Faceplate and Clear Faceplate, "Snoopy Cap", Back Pack, Hoses, and even includes a passive cooling system at no extra cost. Note: The gold faceplate replicates a real one. It is somewhat difficult to see through in bright light and nearly impossible to see through under low level lighting situations. We have the gold in highly reflective or frosted finishes. If you care, please specify. The frosted is used where reflections may be a problem. If we are low on suits, there may not be a choice.  CAUTION: Replacement of this piece is very expensive if lost damaged or scratched beyond normal wear and tear.  These suits are intended to be used by professionals in a controlled environment.


All items listed on this web site are rented/ sold in “as-is” and “where-is” condition. No warranties or guarantees are implied or offered. WonderWorks is not responsible for any delays in production. We will make every effort to correct any problems which may arise with our products. There is not much that can go wrong that cannot be readily remedied and we do have spare parts for many items.  We usually have spares as well from our large inventory.  By renting these items, you agree that you are responsible for their safe use, liability and maintenance.


We will need a “Certificate of Insurance” form/ policy listing "WonderWorks Inc." as "additional insured" on your policy in the amount indicated on your invoice for each suit.  This is usually refeferred to as and "Accord Form" and usually takes less than a half hour to obtain from your agent. Please see an example below. Nothing leaves here without this crucial document.


WonderWorks cannot handle shipping arrangements or payment for insurance, Union and legal reasons. You will need to make the arrangements and use your account number or pre-pay. Shipping can usually be by Fed-* except in some countries such as Russia. Most medium to large companies and educational groups get substantial discounts on shipping costs so check it out with your carrier. Under the right set of circumstances (such as long-term rentals), we discount the normal weekly rate to allow for those shipping weeks out of the United States and to allow for customs and shipping delays. Our suits come in sealed, water resistant and crush resistant containers. Overseas, it usually takes 3-4 days each way including customs via Fed-X except in some former Soviet bloc countries. Please check as customs can take 3-4 days alone without a customs broker.


A7L or EMU 41” x 29” x 30” and weigh about 80 pounds. 

LEO/ LOL/ ACES/ Mercury and similar suits, ship in a crate 19“ x 19” x 16“ that weighs approx. 35 pounds.


Please call for an appointment. Extra charge on Friday through Sunday and Holidays. We are closed most Fridays but open for 4 ten hour days Tuesday through Friday.


These suits are stored off site in sealed shipping containers and within crates so they cannot be seen easily. Some suits are available for viewing by appointment only during normal working hours.


Cash (in US dollars), Cashier’s Checks, Certified Check, Money Order, Direct Wire Transfer or PayPal.


Nothing leaves without full rental payment, security deposit and insurance certificate.  Nothing personal, but we DO NOT accept Purchase Orders in lieu of payment no matter the size of the company. The problems we have had with P.O.s in the past were mostly with Fortune 500 companies.

RUSH ORDERS - StateSide:

Our fee for packing and handling is free for orders placed seven working days or more in advance and with all paperwork completed and payment made.  Rush Charges Will be at our normal shop rate.  Less than 2 days becomes difficult unless hand carried by courier or shipped counter-to-counter via a major airline and paid for by cash, wire transfer or money order.


There is no additional charge with one week notice at normal shop rate. Less than four days may be impossible for your country unless hand carried by courier or shipped counter-to-counter via a major airline and paid for by cash, wire transfer or money order.

When you receive the invoice form, our requirements are on the second page. Please read thoroughly and initial each page as well as signing where appropriate.

Thank you and we hope this answers most of your questions.

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Conrad's real, dirty, suit.  Our suits are deliberately weathered but not to this degree.

Photo of Real "Dirty" Space Suit