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 These are NOT Toys, Halloween Costumes or dated Space Suit film wardrobe tech.   Our NASA-Style Space Suits have been designed to be light and comfortable and do NOT require an On-Site Technician or cooling system for filming.   The cost savings to you is more than the rental fee of our suit.   View the video to see our most complex suit being donned in less than 3 minutes without a trained and expensive "technician" on standby!   No hidden expenses.   ALL Film Grade EMU, A7L and LEO suits come equipped with a complete Passive Cooling System, as used by the American Military in desert combat.   We do not use an arbitrary, ambiguous, "Good" or "A Level" rating system.   Instead we offer "Film Grade (Highly Detailed for Movies)" and "Costume Grade" (for Students, Events, Low Budget films, etc.).


  The MARTIAN, INTERSTELLAR, STAR WARS, GRAVITY, AD ASTRA, the upcoming GEOSTORM,  FOR ALL MANKIND, SPACE FORCE,  LUCIFER, The Right Stuff TV,  etc. have all created a demand for space related items, especially MARS.   As a result, we have added new space suits of our own Royalty Free Design to our rental package, that are similarly styled, called LEO™.   We have the decades old standards and more are available now than ever.   WonderWorks™ inc., near Hollywood, has been producing realistic and fantasy space suit replicas for the film, museum and aerospace industries for more than 40 years since 1977.    Our spacesuit rentals range from simplistic and inexpensive walk-arounds to Real suits.   We discount Space Suits heavily when rented with ISS Space Station, Space Habitat, Space Capsule or Space Shuttle


  Our SEXY, FORM FITTING, LEO SPACE SUITS are similar in style to that of the suits in INTERSTELLAR and THE MARTIAN.   In fact, our LEO suit was so well liked by the producers  of The Martian that it was worn by Matt Damon in one of the posters for the film instead of the Hero suit!   Check out our involvement with the smash-hit  GRAVITY also.   View more suits at our other sites specifically for Future,  Martian, and Mercury Programs.  Much of our research material was provided directly from NASA and Privatized Aerospace or their vendors.   Our clients include NASA, X-Prize - Spaceship One, Space Camp, Lockheed Martin SKUNKWORKS, SpaceX and most major film studios or museums in the world.    In creating our suits ,we purchased from auction, and referenced, real ACES, Apollo 11 - 13  A7L (Moon/ Lunar suit) and Space Shuttle EVA/ EMU/ IVA space suit components for accuracy.   We create new suits 12-20 at a time as shown at  Space Suit Construction


  We phased out our Commercial Grade rental suits due to lack of interest and sold them at auction.  We still have a limited number of inexpensive A7L Moon/Lunar Suit rentals starting at $950 per week.   Click Here for Low Budget Suits specifically for Students, Special Events, Educational, etc.   PLEASE NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS OR SHORTER RENTAL PERIODS POSSIBLE.


Rev: 2020.04.3a  All Images and Text Copyright 2019 by  WonderWorks™inc. except for those held by Production, Museum and Themed Attraction companies.

The name LEO and design are Trademarked and Copyrighted by WonderWorks inc. 2019.

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The Martian Alternate Poster features

our LEO™©  (Low Earth Orbit) Spacesuit

as inspired by real Aerospace.  The  Hero

Space Suit for most of the movie was

created solely for the film and

Copyrighted by the studio.

The LEO, Low Earth Orbit suit in

WonderWorks NASA ISS (International

Space Station)

Our Standard LEO (Low Earth Orbit)

spacesuit with Optional Back Pack in

WonderWorks NASA ISS (International

Space Station).  DSC_1027

Standard LEO with Optional Backpack on

Andrea Van Epps. 

Eilish, Eamonn & Ryan in LEO suit  at

First Responders Fundraiser on a hot

California day.  Our  Military Grade

Passive Cooling System is comfortable

enough to wear all day WITHOUT a

technician or noisy apparatus.

MARS/ MARZ Patch from our newest Web

site where there is

a lot more information specifically for


EMU/ EVA Space Shuttle Suit by

WonderWorks as in Stephen Hawking's

Universe,  shot in South Africa as the

MARTIAN environment.   Our suits are

upgraded for light weight, comfort, ease

of use and visual impact.   No technicians

or exterior cooling system required.

LEO in MARS PEPSI Commercial.

In response to requests for a space suit

that is sleek, modern and sexy, like those


WonderWorks inc. has created the LEO

(Low Earth Orbit) Space Suit ™© 2016


LEO with Backpack on Andrea Van Epps. 

Complete with cooling system.

This shot clearly shows how flexible in

style, detail and custom sizing our

Modern LEO Space Suits can be.  These

have the Optional Boots and Harnesses. 

The woman is petite and still looks good.

Mercury Spacesuit rental with optional

NASA-Style ACES/LES HELMET as used in

Dodge Ad looks very Retro-Future.

EMU Suit and Heavy Duty Mannequin in

front of our MARS habitat at HPE Hab19


Blue Flight Suits  in Space Shuttle Set

used in Slim Jim Commercial as a 2 man

capsule similar to Orion.

Mercury Suit with Optional

Interchangeable helmet.   Part of a new

Mix and Match system to allow for

variety.  Photo courtesy of Kevin Margo.

Productions want to show actors in our

Stylish, Sexy, Heroic,  Space

Suit by WonderWorks inc.  These Suits

are 100% our own design, Trademarked

and Copyrighted as 

LEO™© 2014

Check out our LEO space suits and Click

to view an Entire Section of information. 

The suit is stylistically similar to real

NASA and privatized space companies

current, modern and futuristic suits

being designed hence the similarity to

Interstellar and The MARTIAN.  


Grace Gilbertson modeling our new LEO

suit.   She is a Size 6 and it still looks

and feels great on her.  It is no longer

necessary to have suits that look like

those designed nearly a half century ago!  


The LEO space suit can be configured in

many different and unique ways.   This

shot shows optional boots and harnesses. 

There is a range of sizes (men and

women), boots, gloves, accessories, etc.

available.  ™© 2016.  BP1_0956   Modeled

by Elaine.

EMU Space Shuttle Astronaut EVA Suit

with lights.  Modeled by Dominic

Acquino.   Film Grade quality.

EMU Space Shuttle Astronaut Space Suit

rental - Film Grade Quality Rental w/

Passive Cooling System

EMU - Space Shuttle EVA suit,


EMU EVA Space Suit on posable

mannequin. We have redesigned these

from the ground up to be lightweight and

production friendly.

EMU EVA rental space suits can be fitted

onto articulated mannequins for still

shoots, store displays, etc.   

Apollo A7L/ Lunar Film Grade Suit with

Snoopy Cap.  This rental is similar to

that worn by Buzz Aldrin and Neal

Armstrong on the moon.  In fact both

astronauts have worn our suits during


Apollo A7L Film Grade Suit.  Back Pack

and Helmet removed.  Our new suits now

weigh less than 35 pounds, rather than

the 100 pounds previously, and that

includes the newest tech cooling system

rather than an outdated

external system as before.

APOLLO  A7L EVA Suit, Helmet Off.  NASA

- Style Film Grade Rental.  DSC_0004.

All of our suits now come with provision

slots to allow for attaching standard

flying rigs for the purpose of creating

simulated weightlessness. Here is a shot

at Branam Enterprises with one of our

EMU suits being shot for a commercial.

LEO™© 2014 (Low Earth Orbit) Space Suit

shown with ACES style helmet and

Gorget.  Modeled by Elaine.   BP1_0985

Space Shuttle ACES suit still in use and

similar to LES/ LOL of NASA's Space

Shuttle ERA    Being phased out for white

suits.   Partial Pressure Suits.

Newest Space Shuttle ACES Partial

Pressure Suit (similar to LES/ LOL suits)  

Rental Only.

LES/ ACES Film Grade, Contemporary

Style in Shuttle Mid-Deck.   Derived from

Real Partial Pressure Suit.   DSC_0178

LES/ ACES Film Grade, Contemporary

Style in Shuttle Mid-Deck.  Derived from

Real Partial Pressure Suit.  DSC_0206

LES - ACES-Style Launch/ Reentry Orange

Shuttle Suit as seen in Space Cadets -

Film Grade.   Made from real flight


Space Shuttle ACES/ LES style replica

space suit rental as seen in the hit

Endemol UK Reality show Space Cadets

Episode 1of 6.

NEW...  Futuristic Space Suit/ Haz Mat

helmet.  Designed to be interchangeable

with all other helmets and suits in our



Grade Rental close up of detail.   Note

functioning neck ring.  Modeled by



Suit Rental

Brick Price with WonderWorks original

Mercury Space Suit Rental in the '70's

Historical reference Only.

Mercury Suit currently on exhibit in

Italy's  Space Camp.  DSCN3067

NPressurized Flight Suit w/ optional

ACES helmet and Neck Ring.  Real suit

modified for film use.  Modeled by

Andrea Van Epps   BP1_1297

Pressurized Flight Suit w/ optional ACES

helmet and Neck Ring.  Modeled by

Andrea VanEpps  BP1_1302

Retro Styled Pressurized Flight Suit w/

optional ACES helmet and Neck Ring.  

Modeled by Andrea VanEpps   BP1_1287

Pressurized Flight Suit w/ optional ACES

helmet and Neck Ring.   Retro Modern or

Steam Punk look.  Modeled by Andrea

VanEpps   BP1_1286

NEW Pressurized Flight Suit w/ optional

Chinese TK1 helmet and Neck Ring. 

BP1_1297   Modeled by Andrea VanEpps   


Blue Flight Suit Royal 2

Flight Suit as used by crew in MIR/ ISS/

Shuttle while in Space.  Two come free

with ISS Space Station.

Vintage 50's Style Rental Haz-Mat or

Retro-Modern Space Suit.  Film Grade

made from a real NASA Haz Mat suit of

the 50's.

All patches and materials look real on

film or TV.   WonderWorks has patches

that are royalty free and recognized by


Our new Mix And Match system allows

for any helmet to be mounted on any

other suit of ours.   Here is the Lunar A7L

rental with an ACES/ LES style shuttle


Here the new Mix And Match system

allows for an ACES/ LES helmet (with

real gold faceplate) to be mounted on

any other suit of ours, including this EMU

Shuttle Suit rental.

The Mix And Match system even allows

for a real retro vintage Russian helmet

to be mounted on any other suit of ours

including the EMU shown.

Russian/ Chinese Spacesuit Helmet - EMU/



Real Pressure Helmet similar those worn

on Space Shuttle EMU/ EVA



This is the beginning of a line of Retro/

Steam Punk helmets as an option to our

regular line.  When mated up to our

Mercury, HALO, LEO or EVA suits, it looks


Retro or Steam Punk Style Helmet.  This

entire helmet is formed of aluminum and

made from real aerospace hardware. 

We will be adding hoses and brass

details to further the Steam Punk look. 

One only currently for rent.

Retro Steam Punk Leather and Cloth

Helmet.  Based on Real Hardware

WonderWorks Designed and Built

SpaceSuits for Star Trek The Motion



history only.

WonderWorks (aka Brick Price's Movie

Miniatures in the day)

Designed and Built Space Suits for Star

Trek The Motion Picture.    Historical

reference Only, NOT AVAILABLE FOR


WW Star Trek Space suits article.   The

Author got the details mostly right.

Futuristic Shuttle/ Mars EVA Suit

WonderWorks design Under

Construction©2016  Abandoned design

contemplated before NASA moved away

from cumberson hard shell suits.

WonderWorks Futuristic Fantasy Suit

Design©2016   Under Construction

Future Fantasy Spacesuit, Mars or Moon/

Apollo style.

WonderWorks Historical Reference only. 


Space Suit Future Fantasy Apollo EVA

Moon style for Disney.   NOT AVAILABLE


Space Cadets featured WonderWorks™

Space Suits, Space Shuttle Cockpit,

Shuttle Simulator, ISS and Space Station

as well as numerous other sets and


LA 3rd District Councilman Dennis Zine

trying on our A7L EVA spacesuit in front

of our  White_on-blue ISS end cap during

a recent visit.

Tool Time's Tim Allen in WW EMU Space

Suit Commercial Grade Historical

reference Only, NOT AVAILABLE FOR


WonderWorks inc bought a real NASA

Apollo A7L training suit at auction and

used it Internally as reference for our

suits to ensure accuracy.    SOLD - NOT


Mercury Flight Helmet Value of a Real

Flight Helmet

for Cost Comparison Reference

SPACE SUITS - Design, Construction & Rental,

Serving Aerospace, Film, Education &

Entertainment for More than 40 years!

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