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From Universal Studios

WonderWorks inc. facility Aerial View just prior to relocation forced by Metrolink

Transit Hub

WonderWorks has available storage/ expansion facilities in Chatsworth.

The new facility renovation will retain Olde Towne facades in front.   New

construction in the rear but will look like several older buildings in front.

The rear is technically on an Alley but visible from most of the downtown

area.  It will be made to look like a Pacific Electric Train Depot.

Our main offices are in Olde Towne Canoga Park.  This is part of

our design plan package for the 5 parcels of land.

The interior has been designed to have the same work capacity as we had at

the old station.  There will be room for several large projects at one time.


WonderWorks Main Facility:

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WonderWorks™ Inc./ Action Sets And Props (ASAP)


7231 Remmet Ave.,

Canoga Park, California   91303

COMING SOON: WonderWorks now owns 5 contiguous, historical plots and builldings in Old

Towne Canoga Park.  Expansion and renovation is in city plan check now.  However, we may be

purchasing land in the West Valley or Simi Valley for expansion and builidngs of our own

design.  Stay Tuned!

CHATSWORTH too!  An additional 12,000 sf  of Production Space within a few minutes walk from

the Metrolink is available as needed.

LOOK!  We also have a relationship with a Stage in Chatsworth where our rentals can be

available turn key for production filming.

Facilities coming soon to Canada, The UK and United Emirates.

Thanks to Google for the great maps!