The miniature (model) buildings on this page are all built to a common scale of 1:24 for a theme park called Aiinsworld, Miniland, south of Seoul in South Korea.   It seems like a misnomer to refer to these as miniatures because, at this scale, the Eiffel Tower is 55 feet tall!   In all, there were 109 buildings replicated.   We designed the park to allow visitors sight lines which make the buildings appear large and full-sized as in Foreground Miniature (Forced Perspective) Photography.  The architecture  was also laid out to avoid seeing other guests and to incorporate the real skyline behind in an effects process we refer to as "Foreground Miniatures".     This is a technique common to film, concerts and stagecraft .  WonderWorks worked hand in glove with Korean Designers, Artisans, Technicians and Engineers in their creation of a world class themed park both in South Korea and their subsidiary in New York.


  WonderWorks inc™ key personnel were chosen as Visual Effects designers for this project because of their experience in making miniatures look real on film and to the eye.    EMMY AWARD winning Special Effects Director,  Brick Price, and  Eamonn Price, have years of Award winning experience in creating visual illusions for film, theater and theme parks that helped make this look the way it does.   We will be adding more pictures of this wonderful park in the future.   Please visit Aiinsworld's web site for a tour and to purchase books on these fabulous miniature buildings that are a tribute to architecture as art.


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All Images and Text Copyright 2019 by  WonderWorks™inc. except for those held by Production, Museum and Themed Attraction companies.

The name LEO and design are Trademarked and Copyrighted by WonderWorks inc. 2019.


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It is nearly impossible to judge the

scales of WonderWorks Miniatures

without a human scale reference. 

This is St. Peter's Basilica as a

local technician aids in

construction.  PICT0015

Eamonn Price adding detail to a

Russian Miniature Building in 1:24

scale.   MVC-247L

Miniature Buildings 1:24 scale -

NewYork Skyline with a tribute to

the World Trade Center


Miniature Building 1:24 scale


Neuschwanstein at Aiinsworld

Miniature Building

Miniature Leaning Tower Building

1:24 scale

Miniature Eiffel Tower 55 feet tall!

Statue of Liberty 1:24 IMG_5429

Miniature effects abound

throughout the park.   No other

such park in the world has

featured realistic effects such as


Miniature Buildings 1:24 scale of

New York skyline.   The Trade

Center model was started prior to

the attacks of 9/11.   It was

decided to finish them as a

tribute to those who died.

WTC being installed.   Massive

steel spines were created and each

10' section of the building center

hung from cables and stabilized

by the structure.

WonderWorks is featured

throughout the Web site and in

literature describing Miniland


The Arche De Triomphe required

that skilled artisans replicate fine

art sculpture - 010F

Many of the buildings had to have

exacting replicas of real art as

done by the masters.   Some

examples appear here.

Trafalgar Square Sculpture - 008X

Colisuem Miniature Bldg In Seoul -


Trafalgar Square sculpture at

WonderWorks main facility - 008X

Trafalgar Square on roller frame

ready for transport to site. - 002X

Red Square Miniature Buildings

1:24 scale

Sagrada Familia under

construction at WonderWorks Main

Shop - 004X

Miniature pyramid at night with

scaled lighting effects

Miniature Korean Building In Fog

This scale of model is perfect for

viewing and to replicate detail. 


Miniature Building In Seoul At


Closeup of Sculptural detail 1:24

scale DSC_2730

Sphinx prior to detail and

shipping.    MVC-006X

The Petronas Towers  required

true engineering as would a real

building.   This model alone is the

height of a real 6 story building.  


Miniature Skyline with an eclectic

blend of cultures.

The skyline at night with

miniature lighting.

Neuschwanstein Castle under

construction at WonderWorks.

Neuschwanstein under

construction at our Sherman Way

facility in 1:24 scale.    Bl3-500-1



Chambord Miniature Bldgs In Seoul


Chambord Miniature Bldgs


Miniature Building 1:24 scale


Vatican City

The Taj Mahal  011 Aiinsworld

Miniature Building

Paris Opera House Miniature

Miniature Building 1:24 scale


Chambord Miniature Bldg In Seoul

- MVC-227L

Aiinsworld Miniature Building

WonderWorks was proudly

featured in literature about the

park's design and development.

Eiffel Tower at Aiinsworld

The Eiffel Tower seems to change

with the seasons and time of day.  

The structure is all welded and

hand formed steel.

004 Aiinsworld Miniature Building

Petra miniature in  1:24 scale had

to carved completely by hand

relying on dozens of photos. 


Petra under construction.

Petra from the inside out.

Cathedral - 007 Aiinsworld

Miniature Building

Replica of St. Peter's Basilica at

Vatican City  in Rome - Miniature

The Capitol Building even includes

etched metal railings and interior

detail of the Oval Room.- 013


The Coliseum as it once looked but

in miniature.

Hundreds of varieties, and

thousands of real miniature trees

and bushes were grown an

acclimated to the climate in

Seoul.   Essential to a realistic

display and experience.

Nearly every exhibit has an effect

if not several.   For instance, the

clocks are all functional and set at

Atomic time for their respective

time zones.

The Arche De Triomphe required

more real estate to properly

display the model.  

Buildings unique to the culture

were created as a contrast to

architecture from other parts of

the world.

A Piece of Fiction based on

written accounts.  The Colossus of

Rhodes.  029 Aiinsworld Miniature

Aiinsworld Entrance  Building

KBS GLOBAL - An article about

Aiinsworld Miniature Buildings


many such publications to print

favorable reviews of the park.

Miniature Buildings for use in Museums, Film

Industry, Entertainment & Education for More

than 40 Years!

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WonderWorks Neuschwanstein model shot at AiinsWorld in Korea and the photo

modified to look like a vintage postcard.   Our attention to detail makes it

difficult to determine if this is a model or the real item!