From NASA to NASCAR - WonderWorks has been there.


These photos are as shot.   These were taken from various venues such as NASCAR and Toby Keith's Concert Tour, full-sized and miniatures, for every studio and major Automotive Company since 1977.  Owners, Brick and Laura Price wrote articles for various automotive magazines, newspapers and books prior to forming WonderWorks.


All Images and Text Copyright 2019 by  WonderWorks™inc. except for those held by Production, Museum and Themed Attraction companies.

The name LEO and design are Trademarked and Copyrighted by WonderWorks inc. 2019.


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WonderWorks inc. is honored to

have been chosen by Barry

Gremillion to finish design/

execution of  the Legendary Space

Coupe originally Designed by Bill

Cushenberry in the '60's!

The Space Coupe as it appears 27

Nov. 2019 at WonderWorks.

MoonWalker Miniature Lancia

Stratos Coupe built for Michael

Jackson video.

1931 Ford Boat Tailed Speedster 

nearing completion December 2019

for Rental.  Designed by Brick

Price & Eamonn Price of

WonderWorks© 2014

1931 Ford Boat Tailed Speedster 

nearing completion December 2019

for Rentals.   Designed by Brick

Price/ Eamonn Price of

WonderWorks© 2014

1931 Ford Boat Tailed Speedster 

designed by Brick and Eamonn

Price with James Huesby to play

Homage to possible

competition cars of the1930's.  All

metal construction.   Available for

Rental, roughly 90% complete as of

Dec. 2019.

1953 MGTD Custom - Rental

2300cc Turbo Ford Engine, 5 Speed

Mustang Transmission,

9 Bolt Mustang Rear End, All Steel

Construction (NOT a kit Car)

1953 MGTD Rental Custom built

by WonderWorks

Back To The Future - Full Sized

taxi built for movie.

Back To The Future - Full Sized

taxi built for movie.

Bentley Two Seat Roadster Being

Built from 4 Door Sedan to

replicate competition cars of the

thirties.  All metal construction.  

Will be available for Rental. 

Roughly 85% complete as of Spring

2019.   Not Available for rent as

completed car yet.

Created Opening Ceremonies for

Homestead NASCAR - DSCN2413

Lead Driver: Eamonn Price

Design for NASA ceremony


Toby Keith Transformer Stage

built from first prototype Ford


Toby Keith Transformer Truck

Toby Keith in concert.  The

Transformation worked faultlessly

for 82 consecutive concert venuse!

Toby Keith singer on Truck's Stage.

Truck built by WW for TK Concert 



Toby Keith Concert Truck. 4

Eamonn Price working on

Hydraulic Lift Gate/ Stage.


Nascar DSC_6743

Nascar DSC_6763

Nascar DSC_6773

Nascar DSC_6830

Nascar DSC_6810

Hot Rod Shuttle ZZ TOP


Nascar DSC_6833

Tucker Miniature

Martian Law - Real Mars Rover


Big Rig  Wienermobil Miniature

Designed, Built and Filmed by

Brick Price of WonderWorks inc.

Standard Wienermobil Miniature

Built and Filmed by Brick Price


BUGATTI  Fiberglass Replica built

by Brick price/ WonderWorks inc.

BP:LP Edsel Ranchero @ Ascot

Raceway w: Jim Lytle Car

One of many Brick Price/

WonderWorks authored books.

This book on the Mustang was first

published in the 1970's and

currently sells for as much as $44

on Amazon and eBay.

Page from Brick

Price: Books, Biography, Blog,

Audiobooks, Kindle where Books

can be purchased today.

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