Over the course of  40 plus years WonderWorks™ inc.  has worked on most of the major motion pictures which feature real space and science fiction.   These run the gamut of NASA's Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Station, Space Shuttle, Burt Rutan's SpaceShip One and now NASA's new CEV, SpaceX Dragon, Orion and Altair.   WonderWorks™ has the most extensive and authentic replica rentals and sets available.   In addition, we can build any type of set to specification using parts from our hundreds of molds.   The movies listed below feature sets, props, miniatures, space suits, and/or costumes created and/or modified for the production to use as rentals.  Please check out our involvement with the smash movie Gravity and the costume department even though we were not listed in the credits on IMDB (which see).


Please order the following titles from Amazon.Com or Ebay to see our sets in action.   Trailers and Clips for most can be viewed at YouTube.


All images on this page are courtesy of the respective Trademark and Copyright holders.  


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The name LEO and design are Trademarked and Copyrighted by WonderWorks inc. 2019.


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This poster of The MARTIAN used

WonderWorks LEO suit with Matt

Damon in it and  Photoshopped to

look  like a painting.  Image courtesy

of 20th Century Fox Corporation


Trip To Space In WW ISS

Transformers - Replica NASA Space


©Dreamworks Video

Apollo 13


Deep Impact Vs.2



©Buena Vista Home Entertainment /


Day After Tomorrow ver4

©20th Century Fox

Abyss 1


Gravity - SpaceSuit for Robert

Downey Jr. (prior to George Clooney


GRAVITY - George Clooney with

WonderWorks EMU  Space suit at the

Gravity Premiere in NYC Oct 2013


with WonderWorks starting in 2010

Richard Hatch, a Dear Friend, 

Created Battlestar Galactica The

Second Coming to try and convice

Universal to resurrect the Series or

create a Movie.  Brick and Eamonn

Price of WonderWorks recretated a

Viper Bay for a scene using

Foreground miniatures.

Apollo 18

APOLLO 18 - WonderWorks Space

Suit/  Helmet used in main opening

sequence, poster and trailer.  Same

suit used later for tests of Gravity.

APOLLO 18 - WonderWorks Space

Suit Helmet as used in main

opening sequence, poster and

trailer.   Note Markings.

Arthur - Space Suit

Green Hornet Space Suit

Green Lantern - Astronaut's EMU

space suit

Astronaut Farmer

©Warner Brothers

Race To Witch Mountain

©Walt Disney Video

NASA Space Trek

Night At The Museum II

©20th Century Fox

Space Cowboys

©Warner Bros

Astronaut Farmer 1  ©Warner

The Right Stuff

©Warner Brothers

Back To The Future III


Back To The Future


Battlestar Galactica


BBC Space Odyssey


Blade Runner

©Warner Brothers

Race To Space

©Lions Gate Films

Magnicent Desolation


Blown Away


Capricorn One

©Lions Gate

Day After Tomorrow ver8

©20th Century Fox

The Core 1





©Ultimate Productions


©Sony Pictures

Apollo 13


The Rocketeer


Space Camp


Odyssey Five

©Sony Pictures

Tucker - The Man and His Dream


APOLLO 11- Men On The Moon


Day After Tomorrow ver2

©20th Century Fox

Blown Away 2  ©

Space Camp Lobby Poster


SpaceShip One




Star Trek - TMP


Star Trek Voyager


Star Trek Voyager


Star Trek Wrath Of Kahn


Deep Impact


Space Cadets

©Endemol UK

Project UFO 2  


Project UFO


Stewardess School

©Columbia Pictures

The Core




Turbo Power Rangers

©Saban Entertainment



Space Cowboys Composite

©Warner Bros.

McHale's Navy

Odyssey 5

©Sony Pictures

Grand Canyon

Something Is Out There

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Christmas Vacation

Scorpio One

Crash Dive

Project X

Time Under Fire

Max Q

PeeWee's Playhouse

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