WonderWorks™ has been involved in all aspects of space including work with Challenger Centers, Boys' and Girls' Clubs and schools.   Read what a local teacher West Virginia says.   These facilities have been using the props, sets and space suits of WonderWorks to educate the public and to make them available for productions on the United States and now Europe.  

In the pictures below, Eamonn Price, shows off WonderWorks™ space suits and props to local children.   The grinning faces say it all.   These children will never forget the day an "Astronaut" came to visit.



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Eilish, Eamonn & Ryan (in LEO) at

First Responders Fundraiser

Sponsored in part by WonderWorks

following Los Angeles tragic fires

of 2018  IMG_9217

Eamonn Price, Part of

WonderWorks'  Creative Team gives

fun lecture to children that is

Educational as well..

The kids love it that they can

relate 1-on-1 with an Astronaut. 

Eamonn at Children's Club. 


Space Suits, Sets and props for

local children.  DSCN0095

Eamonn Price, shows off

WonderWorks™ space suits and

props to local children.   


WW Shuttle at Cow Palace, San

Francisco.  1,000's of Children and

Adults had the chance to see the

Shuttle Inside and Out.  The 3 day

Exhibit was set in 22hrs.

Space Shuttle Designed and Built

for Kid's Playground in ISS Area at

Space Center Houston.  Identical

Play Areas were built in other

parts of the World as well.

DSC_1281 Challenger Center **** iSS

Interior Space copy

Buckhannon, Upshur County, West

Virginia Newspaper Front Page

with Shuttle Cockpit and Space

Suits by WonderWorks™

Buckhannon, West Virginia

Newspaper Cover.


EMU MMU Exhibit designed and

Built by WonderWorks inc. for

Museo De Los Ninos Shuttle,

Caracas, Venezuela.

Challenger Center by

WonderWorks™ We have had

educational space suits, props and

sets at Museums, Schools and

Exhibitions around the World. 


Challenger Center in California by

WonderWorks™ DSCN0168

Museo De Los Ninos Shuttle in

Caracas, Venezuela.


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