WonderWorks™ inc  has been in business for more than 40  years.  These pages show random examples of some of our work including replicas of NASA-Style Space Suits for rent , capsules, and our NASA Space Shuttle Cockpit Rental.   Our inventory includes replicas of Mercury, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Space Station (iSS ) and CEV/ Orion.


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All Images and Text Copyright 2019 by  WonderWorks™inc. except for those held by Production, Museum and Themed Attraction companies.

The name LEO and design are Trademarked and Copyrighted by WonderWorks inc. 2019.


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FLOOR 3:4 Front. This is one that

we built for Space Camp in

Huntsville, Alabama

CEV/ Orion Educational Model -

Newest Design

Orion and Altair at WonderWorks

12,000 sq. ft. facility in

Chatsworth, Calif.

Real Space Ship1 after record

breaking flight - Brick Price

shown.   WW sponsored breakfast

at the event with Aurora Galleries.

Enterprise built for Star Trek

exhibit at Planet Hollywood by

WonderWorks based on our film

version molds.

Another view of the Star Trek

Enterprise built for Planet


Star Trek Credits letter from Gene


CEV 1:5 Scale model design.

iss Space Station rental used in

Day After Tomorrow and other

films/ commercials

Mercury Redstone Rocket from

Astronaut Farmer

Mercury Capsule Full sized rental

Centennial of Flight in New York -

Redstone Rocket

Mercury Redstone Miniature rental

used in Race To Space

Mercury rental built for Olympics

in Seoul

WW Space Shuttle exhibit at Cow


Shuttle Cargo Bay rental for Space

Cowboys Movie

©Warner Brothers

Space Shuttle Cockpit Aft in Space


Space Cowboys Shuttle Cockpit

with Clint Eastwood

©Warner Brothers

Shuttle Cockpit as seen in Deep

Impact 02


Shuttle Cockpit rental as

used in commercial 1

Shuttle Cockpit rental as

used in a commercial 2

Shuttle Cockpit rental as

used in a commercial 3

Cockpit Interior Aft Rental as seen


Deep Impact and Armageddon

Cockpit view out of Cockpit

window as seen in the new

Battlestar Galactica and the UK

Space Odyssey

Space Shuttle Cockpit Rental

Setup for Space Cowboys

Space Shuttle interior rental as

seen in Space Odyssey


BBC Space Odyssey Cockpit rental

nearing Mars

Space Shuttle Cockpit Rental - BBC

Space Odyssey

Cockpit Aft Wall and LOL spacesuit

rentals in BBC Space Odyssey

Space Shuttle and Gantry Model

1:50 scale at Long Beach

Carl Sagan Original Cosmos Series

Foreground Miniature

Chopper miniature as seen in

Martian Law TV series

Main Ship from "Something Is Out

There" - Not For Rent

Martian Law Robot - Rental

Moon Hoax - WonderWorks Apollo/

LEM Lunar Module film replicas

were shown as "proof" of a faked


WW Lunar Module (LEM) from

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 LEM "dream Sequence"

Courtesy of Universal Studios©

Apollo Lunar Module rental set as

seen in Apollo13

Lunar Module Rental as seen in


Universal Studios Apollo 13 Exhibit

Apollo Capsule rental at NY

Splashdown Apollo Capsule under

construction for Apollo 13

Apollo Capsule Lunar Display -

for National Geographic NYC

Fantasy Shuttle Miniature used in

TV series.

UFO miniature rental as seen in

various Movies and Project UFO

UFO model used in many films ,

TV shows and commercials. 

Originally created for Project UFO


SRBs for ARES V model built for

NASA    001-23

Space Camp features WonderWorks

space craft and simulators.   This

one has been in daily use for 25


©Space Camp

BBC's Space Odyssey TV series

Space Station (iSS) Display Design

Space Park design

Space Shuttle Outdoor Display

Space Fairplex

Space Shuttle Launch Exhibit

Space Shuttle Interior Kids Camp

in Caracas, Venezuela

Mars Rover Rental - Radio


2/3 scale Mars Rover in TV


Space Shuttle Miniature at Long


Mercury Gantry Miniature in Race

to Space

Mercury Gantry Miniature in Race

to Space Pic.2

Mercury Gantry Model in Back


Russian Buran Space Shuttle rental

model in desert.

Spalshdown Capsule for Apollo13


Space Shuttle Playground - Built

using our One Fifth scale molds

for NASA's Kennedy Space Center

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