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Thank you for your interest in our Award winning Space Shuttle Cockpit and other space equipment.   You are looking at actual photos of the items we have to rent.

We don't use photos of real NASA equipment, products made by other companies or products not yet available unless so specified.


Try Emailing all pertinent information to Eilish Sacks AND Brick Price at the eMail

addresses above.   Please include item(s) wanted, dates, location, etc. so that we can

best serve your needs.   We do not have a dedicated receptionist and we are often

either busy working or on location.   NOTE:  WonderWorks has adopted a 4 ten hour day

schedule with Friday being a normally closed day.   There is usually someone at the

front desk from 8-5 Mon.-Fri.   Personnel are usually at the facility from 7am to 7pm if

there is an emergency.   Either the receptionist or service can “punch you through” at

any time in a crisis.   However paperwork, to speed things along, can best be handled

via e-mail on off-hours or Saturday and Monday at eilishsacks  at and

chris.e.sacks at  NOTE:  Real address not printed to avoid phishing scams.

Replace "at" with "@" and remove spaces.


Please email to address at top of this page for a quote.

We do not rent by the day, ever.

Out-of-state rentals are figured at an 8 day first week to allow for shipping.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide special dispensation for Students on our High End sets

and suits.

Our low Budget suits and sets have been created to satisfy the needs of film students,

exhibitors, education, walk-around, etc.

Rental fees are discounted only after the second week of rental or as part of a multiple

suit package.

Foreign Rental fee can be discounted for a shipping week in special situations.


We can “pencil in” rental dates and notify you if there is a potential conflict and give

you the first opportunity at renting the set pieces.

A firm hold will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental fee with the

balance due prior to shipping.


A security deposit of $5,000 is required which will be returned immediately upon safe

return of the rental pieces in good clean condition.   These items rent frequently,

therefore, if they are not returned within 5 working days of their due date we will

apply the deposit to their replacement value, additional rentals and/or lost revenue.


We will need a “Certificate of Insurance” form/policy listing WonderWorks Inc. as "additional insured" on your policy for $1,000,000 minimum.


Our clients are usually studios and this is handled by the Trade Union Transportation Department.   Under the right set of circumstances (such as very long-term

rentals), we discount the normal weekly rate to allow for those shipping weeks out so as to allow for customs and/or shipping delays if there is no other conflict of

schedule.   We will assist in packing and loading and provide a forklift at our facility.   We can assist in helping you pick a carrier.  In 40 years, the only problems

ever encountered were because of FedX.


Please call for arrangements and appointment.


The shuttle cockpit is built inside of a steel cage which has large casters attached for ease of handling and placement.   It is comprised of three pieces as listed and

illustrated below.   The stretch section shown is optional.   It is an invention of ours to allow for more shooting elbow room than the shuttle has for real.   It matches

the look and construction of the rest of the cockpit and has two additional seats plus two flat screen monitors.   All pieces fit comfortably in a high cube cargo

container or tractor trailer rig of similar dimensions.   The overall dimensions for pieces are as follows (do not reference illustration for these max dimensions):

FORE NOSE W/Windows:

91” deep x 133” wide x 104” tall.

AFT WALL:        

70” deep x 133” wide x 104” tall.


72” deep x 133” wide x 104” tall.

The fore and aft sections together probably weigh less than 6,000 lbs. although we have not had them weighed.   The cockpit is considered a light (LTL ??) load

given the overall dimensions.   The two main cockpit pieces fit comfortably on a 24’ flat bed but will require a large door for enclosed trailers.

A fork lift of 2.5 ton capacity minimum and with extensions, ,must be rented for our facility and another on stage unless there is a dock on stage.    You will have to

supply a skilled operator during this time frame for legal and union requirements.   We might be able to arrange for an operator given enough notice.


These items are stored off sight, and within Cargo Containers at our storage facility.   They are available for viewing as-is and where-is by appointment only during

our normal working hours.   A fee of $100 per hour, per person, plus equipment rental will be charged if items need to be set up for viewing prior to rental.


Cash (in US dollars), PayPal, Cashier's Checks, Certified Check, Money Order or Direct Wire Transfer.   Company checks are accepted only if it is for a major company

and with a local bank.   Nothing leaves without full rental payment, security deposit and insurance certificate.   We may have Credit Card capability soon; we are

looking into this as a courtesy to some of our clients who have requested it recently.


If shipment or pickup is Saturday through Monday, we will need to charge a $350 rush fee to cover someone being at the shop.   Either Eilish, Laura or Brick, in that

order, will assist you with paperwork and scheduling.


The items are rented in “as-is” and “where-is”.    No warranties or guarantees are implied or offered.   Rentals are checked prior to leaving to make sure they are

ready.  Please inspect the equipment upon arrival for any damage or malfunctioning items rather than waiting for a shoot day.  WonderWorks is not responsible for

any delays in production.   We will make every effort to correct any problems which may arise.   There is not much that can go wrong that cannot be readily

remedied and we do have spare parts for many items.

Production must provide proof of insurance for loss and liability prior to shipping.

When you receive the invoice form, our requirements are on page 2.   Please read thoroughly and initial each page as well as signing where appropriate.  If you

provide your own terms, there may be a delay while it is reviewed by our counsel.

Thank you and I hope this answers most of your questions:

WonderWorks Inc.   1.818.992.8811

Action Sets And Props (A.S.A.P)

7231 Remmet Hrs.   Mon. - Fri. 8-5  Office

Canoga Park, Ca. 91303, USA