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"Brick" Price (aka Oliver Ray Price

II- City of Los Angeles Artist of the

Year  promo picture.

Laura Price at Launch of Spaceship

One.   Secretary/ Treasurer and


Eamonn Price - Shop Foreman

shown in LOL/ ACES style space

suit.   Eamonn has been Shop

Foreman since 2005 and is the

third generation of Price to have

worked in aerospace and film.

Eilish Sacks (formerly Price) has

worked with WonderWorks off and

on for many years and is now

handling rentals with Laura Price. 

Her father-in-law, Alan, was with

JPL/ NASA (imaging) for several

decades and her husband, Chris, is

a film writer/artist.  A better

picture of her is in the works.

Dr. Oliver Ray Price 1935 - 2008.  

Dr. Price held numerous patents

for "energy' and worked on

numerous JPL/ NASA projects

during WWII and following.

Sir Oliver "Brick" Price II chosen to

add realism to movie about

Knighthood and Chivalr.

Fictionworks Book/ Script Deal

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People are what count in a company to provide a quality product at reasonable cost for more than a third of a century!   We have had more than 250 people

contribute to our success over the years.   Many careers were launched or furthered as a result.   In turn, we feel that we have learned something of value from each

person.   It is why we are still thriving as a business in a tough and competitive field and at an unprecedented economic climate.   Our NASA Space Shuttle, CEV,

ARES, Orion, Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Space Station, Space suits and Rutan's Spacehip One replicas and rentals are without peer.   In the coming months, we will be

compiling a list of the many talented people who have contributed to our success.