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Monitor type miniature ship battle

for Civil War museum featuring

the Albermarle.

Planet Hollywood Star Trek

Enterprise model built by

WonderWorks inc.

Star Trek Voyager Kazan

miniature.  WonderWork's Brick

Price won an Emmy for Special

Effects for his work on this


X-31 foreground miniature shot at

NASA facility

Brick Price setting up foreground

miniature shot

Miniature Barn FX  comm'l 2

Barn Miniature With Brick Price as

Director of Visual Effects

Miniature Barn FX  1

Train Foreground miniature shot. 

This model for sale.

Train Foreground Miniature Setup.  

This model for sale.

BP Holding Train On Shoot.    This

model for sale.

Our Real Train Depot With

Miniature Train 900F    This model

for sale.

Monument Valley miniature setup

on location 2439

1:12 Miniature Oscar Meyer


Exploding House for "My Father's


Universal Hilton Hotel Explosion

Roller Coaster Miniature

Miniature Mercury Gantry

F1 Williams Race Car 1:6 Scale

Abyss miniature helicopter used in

Foreground Miniatue shot.

Blade Runner Foreground

Miniature models for Effects and

Poster art.

Cathay Paific 747 Miniature

1:24 Scale Shuttle

Planet Rental for Disney

Hollywood Hills

FX Wessex Hotel 1

FX Wessex Hotel setup 2

FX Wessex3

Ship foreground miniature

Old Woman's shoe commercial

Submarine Various movies

Abyss Benthic Explorer Ship model

shot as foreground miniature.

Hyundai miniature ship


Civil War Miniature

Civil War Miniature MVC-352

Buick 1:12 Scale

RC Budweiser Dragster 1:12 Scale

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Car

Miniatures - Foreground Miniature

Photography              Serving Aerospace,

Film, Entertainment & Education for a Third

Of A Century!

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Foreground Miniatures can be used inexpensively and effectively in place of CGI for most shots and especially those with fire, water, dust or smoke.   WonderWorks™

inc. specializes in foreground miniature perspective cinematography and photography.   The process is truly WYSIWYG and works better with Digital than ever before.

Several of the shots featured here demonstrate how easy this is to set up and how effective it can be.   Remember, these are cheap snapshots shown here and are not

as good looking as what was seen through the camera when filming.     WonderWorks™ inc. produced more than 100 large scale miniatures of the most interesting

buildings of the world for a theme park in Korea.   It was a multi-million dollar project that took 5 years.