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Spacehab Rental has functional

cabinets and drawers.   DSC_6723

Work Station with Contamination

Cabinet.  DSC_6722

The interior cabinets are made

entirely of metal and mimic the

style of the Space Station.  


Space Lab cabinets are made

completely of metal and are fully

functional.    They can be

configured so that the drawer lid

becomes a work station.  


Interior lab section under

construction by Eamonn, Shop

Foreman.   CIMG0183

Most sections are wild for filming. 


SpaceHab/Lab folding beds.  


Space Lab Design View by

WonderWorks  1a

Space Lab Design View by

WonderWorks 2a

Real Spacehab Location in Shuttle


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In reality, the SpaceHab allows for the expansion of crew capability while in space.   It can be used for living quarters, experiments, transport, etc.   The modular

design allows for it to be configured off site and installed into the shuttle just as any other payload would be.   This design may be typical for Orion/ CEV when that

program matures.

WonderWorks built the first first ergonomic study module for SpaceHab many years ago.   Our Rental Spacehab Module shown on these pages was first built for the UK

reality show Space Cadets.   Our rental splits in half lengthwise for ease of shipping and filming.   The two halves can be placed end to end thus increasing the visual

length when shot from the side.