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1/8 Scale Locomotive Foreground

Miniature Shot

Train Station Foreground Movie

Frame using 1/8 scale train model.

WW Real depot with 1/8 miniature

train in same shot

One eighth scale train for rental.

1;100 737 for sale or rent

Submarine built and shot for 

Power Rangers Turbo

Wiener Mobile foreground

miniature perspective shot in 1/16


Ship models and Movie for Port

Columbus museum interactive


McHales Navy  Ships built and

operated by WW

Model shuttle at Long Beach

Boat as seen in McHale's Navy

Rambo tanks to explode - Built on

golf carts

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The HOn30 and On30 brass model train conversion kits known as  Brick's Kits can be found at the Model Train page by clicking on this link.

WonderWorks™ is as well-known for all types of miniatures and foreground miniature photography as it is for NASA Space Shuttles and Space Suit construction replicas

and rentals.

Below are examples of scale foreground miniatures as used in Special Effects.   This technique is even more viable than ever in the digital age and with digital 3D.