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Summer of 2011 - Part of a run of

20 A7L suits being readied.

WonderWorks will have more than

80 suits available for rent soon.

Our new, All Aluminum Retro

Future helmet fits nearly every

rental suit we have.

This helmet satisfies the need for

something "different" or Steam


Our new 3D modeling capability

allows us to see how an item will

look when completed.

We are able to study it from all


This is a new Partial Pressure Suit

helmet also suited for Haz Mat


Soft LED lighting will illuminate

the actor's face.

The helmet in prototyping stage.

Nearly complete prototype.  

Compare to the design drawing.

Assembly Line of Space Helmets -


Astronaut WW EMU Dominic Mag


EMU/ EVA Suit DSC_1703

Mercury Film Grade DSC_0355

Assembly Line of Space Helmets -


CNC A7L Fittings after matte

anodized finish.

Anodized AN A7L Apollo hose


Hose connector after machining.

Thin wall fiberglass APOLLO A7L/

EMU helmets waiting fittings and


EMU/ APOLLO A7L Helmets with

Beta Cloth covers.

EMU/ EVA during first test fitting.

Apollo A7L backpacks ready for

shipment to production.

A7L prior to fitting and liner.

Eamonn Price Machining wrist ring

connectors.   One item out of

dozens required for each suit.

All parts are patterned using real

items as reference or referenced

from NASA blueprints.   The parts

are modified for ease of use.

A7L Faceplates Under Construction

- DSC_1081

WW A7L boot detail - Two styles


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WonderWorks has seven new High Quality Apollo A7L Space Suits and six modern Shuttle EMU Spacesuits added to our rental department.   We also have three new

Apollo IVA suits with bubble helmets.   We are starting construction of eight EMU and A7L suits to meet demand.   These photos show the level of detail and quality

that goes into a WonderWorks suit.   All new suits are made of lighter material such as Kevlar and Aluminum thus reducing weight even further than our previous

lightweight designs. Ours are not halloween suits nor awkward museum pieces, they are designed from the ground up to be comfortable and user friendly by Skilled

Craftsmen with 35  plus years of experience in the Theme Park and Film industries.   We do not sell toys or rubber suits.   Our primary area of focus is replicating

real space. not creating rubber suits.