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Shuttle Panel 0085.   This was

created in 1970 and is one of

hundreds of such documents in


Dash Panel created by

WonderWorks from original

research material,

A screen grab of one of several

animations used in WW's shuttle

cockpit rental.

Shuttle Profile provided by

Rockwell International in 1978.


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For more than 35 years, WonderWorks™ has been creating and renting accurate replicas of the Space Shuttle and spacesuits as well as fantasy space craft and space

ships for aerospace, TV and film.   Thus we have accumulated a wealth of research material and knowledge that is not available anywhere else in the world.   Since

9/11 much of the research material we have acquired is not readily obtainable by the public.   We peruse auctions, wrecking yards, and private collections to obtain

those few items we do not have.

Our staff is available to act as consultants on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis providing instant feedback based on first hand knowledge or through our extensive

library of information and industry contacts.  The Price family spans three generations of work directly for the space program.

Below are examples of this information.   MORE IMAGES WILL BE  ADDED