These suits have been created as an option for Lower Budget projects such as Halloween, presentations, education, film school, etc.   They are good quality but much lower fidelity than our regular line of suits.   WonderWorks has worked with ESP to create four of these in response to this need.   We are developing a "no frills" package where you will prepare your own paperwork to make this possible.   The suits have been simplified to keep our cleaning costs low.   Please refer to the FAQ page for details on what is required to rent.   These are in constant demand so please book in advance to insure availability.   These require a $1,750 Security deposit as well as Certificate of Insurance naming WonderWorks as Additional Insured for at least $1,000,000 in liability.


These are occasionally available for purchase through The Space Store but may only be used for personal use, no commercial applications such as film, TV, media, photos, art, etc. unless rented through WonderWorks.   All Copyrights are those of WonderWorks inc. and will be strictly enforced.   The suits we rent have been ruggedized and made to be slightly more realistic than those that can be purchased.  Please let the store know that you learned of them here.


All Images and Text Copyright 2013 - WonderWorks™inc. except for those held by Production, Museum and Themed Attraction companies.

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ESP A7L Lunar Moon suit

Costume grade starting at $800 per



ESP A7L Snoopy Hat

$50 Extra Per Week

ESP A7L helmet is vacuum

formed for light weight and cost

ESP/ LES  Orange Suit Only -

Starting at $800 Per Week Without

Helmet.   Shown w/ Optional $150

per week helmet.


ESP ACES/ LES -  Suit Fitting Detail


Option for $100



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