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Spaceship One Replica

WW & X-Prize at our

Sherman Way Facility

Spaceship One Assembly

line of 3 being built @


SpaceShip One

Replica under construction.

SpaceShip One

Replicas under construction. 


Brick Price at Historic Launch of

SpaceShip One in Mojave

Real SpaceShip One

Astronaut w/ Flag at Historic

Launch following historic flight. 

© 2012 by Brick Price

X-Prize Trailer as designed and

built by

WonderWorks to travel on the

show circuit.

X-Prize Trailer Graphics

X-Prize Trailer - Converted to a

traveling museum and theater.

X-Prize Trailer Stage Side.   The

roof serves as a stage for


as well as a viewing platform

during launches.

SpaceShip One WW 1/2 scale

model in Stars


SpaceShip One 1/2 Scale Model w/

Eamonn Price - SHop Foreman in


SPACESHIP ONE Replicas for X-Prize Cup                

Serving Aerospace, Film, Entertainment &

Education for a Third Of A Century!

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WonderWorks™ inc. has had a rich history of dealing with real aerospace companies

prior to the formation of the company.   This continues to the present day with

several replicas being built for privatized aersopace companies as well as for NASA,

SpaceX, XPrize, Virgin Galactic and Space Camp.   Of the top contenders for the

"replacement shuttle", WonderWorks is working with 80% of them.

The Image to the right is on one of the SpaceShip One replicas built by

WonderWorks  on display in the lobby of Google's Headquarters.   We built a total

of five more for display around the country.   The model in space is 1/2 scale.