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SpaceCadets Story - "Best simulator

ever" for "Greatest UK TV Hoax"

Introduction to Space Cadets out shuttle


Space Shuttle Rental and Simulator in

WonderWorks™ Back Shop

Space Shuttle simulator rental as seen

in Space Cadets

The Shuttle simulator on stage with

Shop Supervisor/ Effects Designer,

Eamonn Price, in the UK.

Space Shuttle simulator rental as seen

in Space Cadets with iMax simulation in

the background.

Space Shuttle simulator rental as seen

in Space Cadets during take-off


Space Shuttle simulator rental as in full

take-off mode.

Space Shuttle ACES/ LOL space suit and

cockpit rentals as seen in Space Cadets

Space Shuttle simulator rental as seen

in Space Cadets

Part of the WonderWorks computer

system to run the simulator.

View of simulator from WonderWorks

Mission Control room.

Shuttle Simulator Pre-Launch

Shuttle Simulator Launch Configuration

WonderWorks Space Shuttle one man

Simulator using scaled technology

identical to that of our larger units.


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WonderWorks™ inc.  has completed a simulator platform that can be used with any object.   It is far easier to operate and approximately one-third the cost

of other simulator platforms.  In the photos on this page, Space Cadets (a UK Reality show) rented our Shuttle cockpit and mid-deck and used one of our

platforms to create a convincing simulation of an actual Space Shuttle flight.   One of many keys to the simulation's success is our sound system which

recreates the sound of the Space Shuttle launch.   The simulator shown here is 45 feet long and 15 feet wide, bigger than a bus!   Many of the images on

this page are from Space Cadets.   We also have film grade Space Suits for Hire Here.

See it on YouTube at  Space Cadets_Episode one of 6   HOME PAGE   BACK TO SPACE CRAFT